E-Mail Address ronbj7@tds.net Phone Number 615 754-6204

B.J. enjoys watercolors as a hobby.

E-Mail Address bcampb3077@bellsouth.net Phone Number 615 504-7997

Working long hours, Barbara was told by her doctor that she needed to "Find a hobby". She found a passion for art she didn't know she had.

E-Mail Address bobbo62628@gmail.com Phone Number 615 859-5971

Barbara is a retired educator and is very new at watercolors.

Bennett Davis

E-Mail Address davisss@charter.net Phone Number 615 804-7473

Bennett is a retired engineer now playing artist.. He currently paints in watercolors.

E-Mail Address brenart@comcast.com Phone Number 615 758-6364

Brenda is a retired art teacher and paints in watercolors.

E-Mail Address hathd@bellsouth.net Phone Number 615 804-1946

Cheryl started in watercolor but soon fell in love with oil. Traveling from Spring Hill, TN to paint at the Old Hickory Art Center is pure joy to her. "Fellow artists inspire me!" she says.

E-Mail Address cdishanni@yahoo.com Phone Number 615 651-9875

After Chi Chi retired she moved from Southern Caifornia to the Old Hickory Village. She joined the Art Center in 2011 even though she had never painted before and now she just loves it.

E-Mail Address dl.carman@yahoo.com Number 615 758-4652

Deborah Carman is a self-taught figurative and still life watercolor artist residing in Mt. Juliet, TN. Visit her studio homepage at http://www.deborahcarmanstudio.com

E-Mail Address evemwilson@comcast.com Phone Number 615 758-2379

Eve is a member of the Tennessee Art League, the Monthaven Art Society and the Old Hickory Art Center.

E-Mail Address fay.huffine@comcast.com Phone Number 615 604-3108

Faye's interest in art began at age 21 when she married an artist. Her love for painting has continued for 50 years.

E-Mail Address Jack_Hopper@bellsouth.net Phone Number 615 822-0284

Frances has been oil Painting for over 30 years. She paints like the Old Masters, doing nature scenes as she loves God's handiwork and tries to put His beauty on canvas.

E-Mail Address heyiysme2@aol.com Phone Number 615 228-7213

Gail loves to paint photographs she has taken.

E-Mail Address rshag2@bellsouth.net Phone Number 615 889-7406

Gloria says painting is the joy of her life.

E-Mail Address jacquiematthiesen@yahoo.com Phone Number 785 313-4029

Jacquie joined the Art Center after moving to Nashville and works in the medium of watercolor, enjoying vivid colors and contrast.

E-Mail Address jancabler@gmail.com Phone Number 615 498-4687

Jan teaches watercolor class at the studio on Wednesdays

E-Mail Addressdanxen2006@gmail.com Phone Number 615 440-2144

Jane was born in Siberia, Russia where she attended art college. Her dream was to see America and she moved here in 2002 via a congressional exchange program. She continues to paint now as a U.S. citizen.

E-Mail Address Phone Number 615 885-4068

Jean is a self taught watercolorist.

E-Mail Address momgoose5555@gmail.com Phone Number 615 417-7065

Kathy enjoys a variety of art mediums but currently is loving the challenge of watercolor.

E-Mail Address kenmdeck@kansas.net Phone Number 785 556-4029

Ken, a songwriter,  moved to Nashville in 2013 from Manhattan, Kansas.

E-Mail Address 2leenorris@gmail.com

Lee is a retired engineer from Houston. He finally now has time to try his hand at painting, choosing watercolor as his initial challenge.

E-Mail Address lindafreeland@hotmail.com Phone Number 615 870-4018

Linda finds art an extension of who she is and who she wants to be. Inside a box or leave  the box behind, Linda justs wants some paints or a box of crayons and she'll be in her world.

E-Mail As hummingbirdstn@gmail.com Phone Number 615 579-7024

Lilly  paints out of The Old Hickory Art Center. She has studied under Christine Pilkinton and other fine artists. Her work is on display The Village Arts Company on Music Valley Drive. Lilly does commission work of all types.

E-Mail Address johnlo@bellsouth.net Phone Number 615 882-9416

Oil Painting is Lois's special pleasure

E-Mail Address lcrrn@tds.net Phone Number 615 754-4843

Lucy loves to paint Chinese and to travel.

E-Mail Address Phone Number 615 885-4068

Martha began painting after retirement, first in watercolor and then in oils. She enjoys the vivid color found in nature.

E-Mail Address emjeejane@comcast.com Phone Number 615 484-3226

Marie Jo was born in France and has always felt close to nature. She studied watercolor in San Antonio, Texas but fell in love with oil at the Old Hickory Art Center. Animals and landscapes are her favorite  subjects, in life and in oil!

E-mail Address rshag2@bellsouth.net Phone Number 615 440-3345

Ranse has a home Gallery at 206 Jacksonian, Hermitage. Link  to his site at www.gandrgallery.com. Call for an appointment.

E-Mail Address ronbj7@tds.net Phone Number 615 754-6204

Ron specializes in nautical and arcitectural realism.

Ruby Edwards

E-Mail Address Phone Number 615 883-1950

Ruby met a woman at Watkins Institute when she was 21 that inspired  her and she has painted ever since.

E-Mail Address suez@suezmcgray.com Phone Number 615 604-5159

Sherried retired from the banking industry and began attending Old Hickory Art Center with her husband so they would have something to do together. Sherrie paints in watercolors.

E-Mail Address suez@suezmcgray.com Phone Number 615 xxx-xxxx

E-Mail Address susansstudio@att.net Phone Number 615 757-3356

Susan teaches watercolor in her Hendersonville home studio. The link to her studio site is www.ravinstudio.com.

E-Mail Address Phone Number 985 788-1915

Susie moved from New Orleans to Nashville after Hurricane Katrina. She loves to paint both New Oeleans and Tennessee scenes.

E-Mail Address Phone Number 615 403-0210

E-Mail Address Vickievictorious@yahoo.com Phone Number 615 337-4709

Vickie is a water media artist from Nashville TN who loves whimsical, lively and colorful creations.

E-Mail Address sueduke42@gmail.com Phone Number 615 587-1902

Vivian enjoys painting in all mediums, She is available to paint portraits also.

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